AWS IDC report: Cloud powers faster, more collaborative research

AWS have partnered with IDC to deliver an ‘industry spotlight’ report looking at how public cloud can support academic research.

The report is entitled Cloud Powering Faster, Greener, and more Collaborative and is available for download from the AWS website.

Academic research is radically changing, and teams need to become faster and more efficient to achieve their missions. A new report by IDC highlights five ways cloud computing supports researchers in this goal:

  1. Scalability and data processing capabilities that reduce time to insights
  2. Efficiency gains from reducing capital expense, procurement, and maintenance burdens
  3. Access to a wide network of applications and computing resources
  4. Research democratisation
  5. Increased research collaboration.

Researchers are analysing massive data pipelines and using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and quantum technologies. This report shares insights and use cases showing how these technologies result in research breakthroughs.


By Andy Powell

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