RCUK Cloud Working Group Workshop

Cloud Workshop

Share your expertise in the application of cloud computing technology for the research community with other researchers and technical specialists.

The RCUK Cloud Working Group and The Cloud for Research Special Interest Group exist to help researchers and technical specialists using cloud computing technologies and services to share knowledge and expertise. The Working Group is planning an innovative workshop focusing on the potential for cloud computing in research to be fully realised:

  • technical integration: addressing the challenges in moving and running research workloads on public and private cloud
  • equipping the research community with the skills they need to exploit cloud
  • tackling legal and regulatory issues around the use of public cloud


The workshop will consist of a series of presentations from invited speakers along with the opportunity to meet and network with other members of the research community.   The programme will be finalised over the coming weeks but will include talks from representatives from research organisations, public cloud providers and the OpenStack community.

Proposal for plugfest / Interactive Session

We don’t want the whole day to be presentations and talks, we would like people to demonstrate some Real Work™. Ideally, the focus for these interactive sessions should be on interoperation and/or the use of open standards, particularly for building or using hybrid clouds for research (but hybrid could also be HPC/cloud, etc.) Standards can be any of relevance related to cloud APIs, use of container technologies, technologies for bulk data movement and also access control and single sign-on.   This session is still to be confirmed but if you would like to be involved please submit your interest and ideas with your registration.

Find out more and register for the workshop here, we look forward to talking with you.


By Martin Hamilton

Futurist at Jisc

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