What does it cost to migrate apps to the cloud?

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You might see moving apps to the public cloud as a way to cut costs. A carefully planned migration will, of course, save you money but beware! You might find that the move is an expensive experience which leads to increased costs down the line. Make sure that you don’t fail to identify which applications will provide the biggest bang for their buck after a move to the cloud.

Three warning signs that you shouldn’t migrate apps to the cloud

In general, there are three types of application or application requirements that suggest that your app could cost more to run in the public cloud than on premises.

  1. Poorly built and designed applications – the app may be using too many resources. The best way to understand this is to go back to the code and see what it tells you. Good developers should have understood how to use resources effectively, but you mustn’t rely on it. You can use code analysers to understand when and where inefficiency exists. If you don’t have access to the source code, you can use an application profiler, which monitors application behaviour and reports issues, such as too many I/O requests. When an application consumes an excessive amount of resources, the only path to success is to refactor or rewrite the application to make the most out of the native cloud platform. That, however, adds risk and costs money.
  2. Apps that are spread too far from the data – remember where your data is, on-premises or in the cloud. If you are leveraging your applications in the cloud think about network latency and the financial and personal costs of poor performance.
  3. Apps that have very strict security and compliance requirements – you may find that moving some types of workloads or data to a public cloud will need creative security solutions. You could end up spending considerable amounts of time and money on a specific and fiddly change required to mitigate the move.

So before you decide to migrate any apps take a deep breath and have a realistic look at what your new platform can provide and only select the workloads that will offer the most value before you migrate any apps to the cloud. If you do that the cost savings are there if you don’t you face higher costs and confused executives.


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