RCUK Cloud for Research Workshop – January 2018



The RCUK Cloud Working Group are hosting their 3rd annual workshop at the Francis Crick Institute in London on January 8th 2018.

This event will bring together researchers and technical specialists to share expertise in the application of cloud computing technology for the research community.

The meeting will include presentations from a range of research domains including particle physics, astronomy, the environmental sciences, medical research and bioinformatics.


To register for this free event, please visit:

The working group also welcomes submissions for talks, posters or proposals for breakout sessions.

Key themes

This workshop will focus on key areas to address in order for the potential of cloud computing for research to be fully realised:

  • Tackling technical challenges around the use of cloud: for example, porting legacy workloads, scenarios for hybrid cloud, moving large data volumes, use of object storage vs. POSIX file systems.
  • Cloud as enabler for new and novel applications: e.g. use of public cloud toolkits and services around Machine Learning, AI, use of FPGAs and GPU based systems, applications related to Internet of Things and Edge Computing
  • Perspectives from European and international collaborations and research programmes
  • Policy, legal, regulatory and ethical issues, models for funding – case studies for managing sensitive or personal data in the cloud
  • Addressing the skills gap: how to educate researchers in how to best take advantage of cloud; DevOps and ResOps


By Martin Hamilton

Futurist at Jisc

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