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Empowering Data Insights: Oracle Analytics Cloud Transformed University Reporting

Quistor is the Oracle partner that provides cloud solutions in the UK through the OCRE framework. This framework allows you to access Coud services at discounted prices and with simplified procurement processes. One of the cloud services that Quistor offers is Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), a powerful platform that lets you explore and visualise your data with ease and efficiency. OAC eliminates the need for costly and complex hardware or infrastructure, and automatically updates with the latest features and security patches from Oracle. OAC also protects your data with encryption, access controls, and authentication mechanisms.

In summary, Oracle Analytics Cloud is a complete solution that integrates data visualisation, cloud connectivity, and enterprise capabilities. A success story of OAC is the University of Groningen (UG), an educational institution that collaborated with Quistor and SURF to migrate their BI tools for reporting and dashboards to OAC. The UG not only gained better and securer tools for reporting but also achieved a higher ROI.

For more information read on The University of Groningen takes a big step forward in data security (

By Jessica Wu

Believe Cloud is an important underlying technology for the future of UK Education and Research

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