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G-Cloud is a lightweight procurement option for the public sector, created initially in 2012 by the Government Digital Service (GDS) but now owned and managed by Crown Commercial Service (CCS) and entering its 11th iteration. Its original intention remains: to provide an agile and easy to use procurement route for organisations in the wider UK public sector that want to buy cloud services in line with the Government Cloud First policy.

Although primarily targeted at central and local government, G-Cloud can also be used by other ‘public’ bodies including those in the third sector and in education. As a result, it is increasingly being recognised as an easy way to buy cloud services by universities and colleges.

At G-Cloud 10, Jisc listed a single service – GovRoam. The merger with Eduserv brought another 16 G-Cloud services into the Jisc fold and we have now submitted our new combined set of services to G-Cloud 11 – the latest iteration of G-Cloud, which went live on July 2.

Jisc is a trusted technology advisor and ally of the education, public and third sectors. We provide best-in-class technology advice, engineering and support and work as part of your team to transfer knowledge at every step. As a not-for-profit, we can be an allied technology partner and reinvest any profits back into the communities we earn them in.

We see public cloud technology as a key enabler of a digital revolution in the sectors we serve. Our consultants, architects, engineers, developers and support staff are the best at what they do and dedicated to delivering the best service possible whilst also transferring their knowledge and skills to our customers.

Together our services provide a full suite to support your use of cloud services from start to finish. They can be taken in sequence to support your entire cloud journey, or selected as needed to enhance just those parts of your programme where you need support.

Below is a brief overview of the services we offer on G-Cloud 11:
• Cloud Architectural Review – advice on optimisation, cost control, performance enhancements, security improvements and service resilience
• Cloud Strategy & Roadmap – assess your IT estate and operating model before setting out a strategy for public cloud adoption

• Cloud Design & Deployment – develop high-level and low-level designs for your use of public cloud

• Cloud Migration – technical and project management expertise to move your services to public cloud
• Office 365 Migration – consultancy and implementation expertise to support application migration from an on-premise model to a SaaS model

• Managed AWS – a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud
• Managed Azure – a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud
• Managed Database – the day-to-day running, maintenance and backup of your databases
• Managed Office 365 – management, support and advice to drive and optimise your use
• Managed Website Protection – DDoS mitigation and Web Application Firewall protection for your public-facing websites
• Disaster Recovery as a Service – a managed service offering monitoring and management of your disaster recovery environment.

At every step of every engagement we aim to transfer our knowledge and skills to you because, by doing so, we will have a greater impact on society and become trusted and long-term allies. Our ultimate intention with all our services is to empower our members, public and third sector organisations to become digitally independent.
Our services can be found on the digital marketplace here.
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