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The Courtauld: Seamless transition to lower cost cloud provision

The Courtauld works to advance how we see and understand the visual arts, as an internationally renowned centre for the teaching and research of art history and a major public gallery. Founded in 1932, the organisation has been at the forefront of the study of art ever since.

In January 2021 The Courtauld decided to procure AWS through the OCRE Cloud Framework. The framework is pre-tendered and EU-compliant. It offers adoption funding and ready-prepared service agreements to make it easier and more attractive for education and research organisations to adopt public cloud, and to boost research and research collaborations.

Read more in our latest case study.

The OCRE Cloud Framework is a European-wide, OJEU-compliant, procurement framework designed to ease the consumption of public cloud services for universities, colleges and research organisations. In the UK, 18 cloud providers are available through the framework, including AWS, Google, Microsoft, Oracle and IBM. If you want to know more, or if you are interested in buying through the framework, please contact your Jisc account manager or the Jisc OCRE team at See for details.

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