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OCRE Cloud Framework – one year on

The OCRE (Open Clouds for Research Environments) Cloud Framework was launched a year ago, with the aim of accelerating cloud service adoption by bringing together the research and education community with providers, via ready-to-use service agreements.

The first twelve months of the framework have been a great success in the UK, with over 150 expressions of interest and nearly 100 contracts signed with a variety of suppliers. Projected savings to the sector over the life of the four-year framework have now reached £7.25M, a testament to the compelling commercial benefits it offers.

OCRE has now published an article on the key trends they have so far identified, to mark the end of a highly successful first year of the framework.

“The benefits of adopting cloud-based solutions via OCRE framework agreements, such as greater agility in the contracting phase, time and money savings, lower risks thanks to the due diligence conducted on contracts, and advantages from the single sign-on mechanisms, are finally becoming more tangible.”

Learn more from to their article.

For more information on the OCRE Cloud Framework please contact the team at Jisc:

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