Cloud advice

Securing Azure Virtual Desktop

With the start of the pandemic last year, and the huge increase of working from home that it prompted, Azure Virtual Desktop (or Windows Virtual Desktop as it was then) became an important tool for providing a wide variety of applications to remote users. Ostensibly AVD is easy and quick to deploy, meaning environments can […]


Project Bicep – beyond ARM templates 

One of the key concepts and advantages of public cloud hosting is the use of Infrastructure as Code (IaC). IaC allows repeatable results and faster, simpler automation and orchestration. These can drastically reduce the time to deploy resources and provide a built-in level of quality, change control and versioning. However, a certain amount of time […]

Service announcements

Improved reporting for our Managed Azure customers using automation

One of the many things we offer as part of our Managed Azure service is a monthly report with advice on cost savings, security and cloud best practice. Fortunately, the native tool, Azure Advisor, provides personalized information on exactly these categories. However, we had a problem. Although Azure Advisor allows manual export of its reports […]