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About Louise Wain

• Adding value & making an impact where business, finance & technology overlap internally and externally. • Supporting customers shape their IT strategy to leverage and optimise cloud technologies to drive business change. • Bringing great breadth and depth of knowledge and expertise, articulating technology and finance in non-technical terms, focusing on business outcomes. • Louise consults on the business, strategic and financial considerations of cloud computing and digital transformation. • Louise has supported several Jisc members and local government customers with their cloud strategy, understand the capex to opex shift, cloud economics and ways to optimise in the cloud. • Career summary: - After 10+ successful years in finance (CIMA qualified), I am now established in a business leadership role leading financial planning, pricing and commercial partnerships whilst influencing business strategy. - With a deep understanding of cloud technology, I consult on the business, strategic and financial considerations of cloud computing, digital economics and digital transformation.

The Capex to Opex Shift

Despite all the benefits of cloud, we often hear concerns about cloud. These generally fall into the following 6 categories which can be addressed with skills/knowledge or processes, be that creating or updating. One concern within Business is the capex to opex shift. Whilst on premise kit is treated as capex because they are owned … Read more

Digital Economics

This week I presented at the UCISA IG19 conference about ‘Quantifying the value and cost of cloud’, a session to support your digital strategy, increase your financial knowledge and understand the value-based business case. I also introduced ‘digital economics’; seeing the bigger picture of how technology can enable businesses transform, not just cut costs but … Read more