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AWS makes cloud and HPC budgeting more predictable for scientists

The pace of research is no longer limited by the availability of computing resources. Creative Commons attribution information Researchers are beginning to rely on cloud computing to drive breakthrough science at breakneck speeds and Amazon Web Services (AWS) wants to fuel the pace of new discoveries by making it possible for all scientists to have their very […]


10 myths about cloud computing

10 myths about moving to the cloud busted … Being on the cloud will enhance your agility and give you cost savings and enhanced efficiency. But it is difficult recognising the fabrications that have grown up about the move. With help from Microsoft here are 10 myths busted to make you feel more confident with […]

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The future of cloud computing

‘The IT industry tells us that cloud is the new normal, but there is still reluctance to commit key business systems to the public cloud.’ – Peter Tinson, executive secretary of the Universities and Colleges Information Services Association (UCISA) Cloud has become nigh on ubiquitous in all our lives but it is still an emerging […]